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Then you need to take into account how much amperage that will require. 4.025" wire with a low current, you will be on your way to success when working with thin material. A:When welding on materials 1/8" or less, a wire diameter of . The advantages here include a good combination of lower spatter levels and excellent penetration for heavy plate applications and steel with lots of mill scale. The disadvantages include higher price and it is still limited to short circuit and globular transfer. 5. The disadvantages are; it has a higher level of spatter and it is limited to short circuit and globular transfer. * AS-11N Dual motor high table semi-automatic Carton Packing PP thermal strapping machine for box Factory (What comes "in the box") Figure out what comes with the new machine. Does the machine you are considering meet these requirements? * (Power Supply) What kind of power supply is required to run the machine you are considering? Do you have this already wired, or will you need a new source of power as well? * (Warranty) You should definitely take the manufacturer's warrenty into consideration when buying a new machine, especially if you are new to welding. Q:Do I need a machine that can run different wire diameters? 3 Todd Clouser is the Marketing and Social Media Specialist for Weld. Using thinner wire diameter prevents burn-through on thinner materials. * 75% Argon/ 25% COâ‚‚ - This is the most common mixture used by Weekend Warriors and small fabrication shops. Q:What size wire diameter should I use on thin material and why is it important? 2. * 85% Argon/ 15% COâ‚‚ - This gas mixture is used mostly by fabricators and not so much the Weekend Warrior, but it can be used by the Weekend Warrior. The fact is; most beginners make a weld that is way too big. Q: What should I take into consideration when purchasing a new Welder? 4. This generally leads to burn-through problems that can ruin your piece. Things can go wrong with the machine and you want to feel confident that the original manufacturer stands by their product. That Other Process (MIG) to get a TIG welding experts take on the difference. It has similar advantages, but again is uncommon with Weekend Warriors due to its high price. In the end, it comes down to what you are trying to accomplish. A:There are many different types of gas mixtures that you can use in your hobbyist applications. Here are a few that you think about: * (Amperage range) First of all, you need to ask yourself what you plan on welding.A:Technically speaking, No; But it is definitely recommended.", to ensure you are getting proper fusion. Q:What is best gas mix for the home hobbyist (Weekend Warrior) or small fabricator. This article will help you answer your basic questions about the MIG welding process. (Weld. Again, if this is your first welder, you are going to have to purchase more accessories before you can weld. So if you use . But what if you switch it up and decide you want to weld some thicker metal? You are going to need a machine that is capable of running thicker gauge wire, such as . 3. The advantages to using 75% Argon/ 25% COâ‚‚are it has lower spatter levels and a flatter bead than 100% COâ‚‚. The major disadvantage is its high price. Contact Information: Weld. This mixture can also be used in short circuit, globular, pulse, and spray that proves to be an unrivaled asset to the industry.025" is ideal. There are advantages and disadvantages to all mixtures, so here is a list that should hopefully narrow it down for you: * 100% COâ‚‚ - The advantages to using 100% COâ‚‚ are it is the lowest price of any other gases and it generally has the highest penetration. With a broad knowledge of social media and emerging marketing technologies, he is determined to create a resource in Weld.A: There are many things you will need to take into consideration when purchasing a new welder. * 90% Argon/ 10% COâ‚‚ - This gas mixture (like the previous) is used mostly by fabricators. Explore more about How To Weld . Q: What is the better process, MIG or TIG Welding? 5. Check out the TIG Time episode TIG vs. A:It is hard to say which is the "better" process, because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. When you are welding at a lower current, the smaller diameter wire will remain stable producing less arc force and reducing your chance of burning through.